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NW Montana Republican legislators believe it is essential to pass legislation that strengthens families and promotes responsibility



Eliminate the Montana marriage tax:

***We believe that taxes must be fair and equitable and not penalize marriage.


Many married Montanans are unaware that if they file separately, they may pay less tax.  Tax policy should encourage people to stay married and provide for the support of children. 


Assist family owned businesses:

***We believe that small businesses need assistance through tax policy as they are trying to grow into profitability.  Raising the exclusion amount to exempt additional small businesses would do this.


Many people are unaware that businesses must pay a tax each year on the equipment they use.  This tax must be paid even when there is no profit.  This tax applies to all equipment including small hand tools and office equipment.  Republican legislators in 1999 reduced this tax from 6% to 3% and exempted small and family owned businesses in the Flathead by excluding the first $5,000 worth of equipment.    In most of these cases the cost of doing the paper work was more costly than the amount of the tax.  For example, $5,000 worth of equipment at 3% would have been $150 in tax. Also the livestock tax was eliminated.

Keep housing affordable:

***We believe that Montanans should have the opportunity to experience the joy of owning their own home.


It is the dream of every Montanan family to own their home.  The time, knowledge and money needed to secure building permits and to meet new regulations increases every year.  A balance must be struck between affordability and building a structure that will withstand every conceivable event or circumstance.


Make vehicle insurance more affordable:

***We believe that vehicle insurance premiums must be made fair and equitable.


People who drive illegally by not having car insurance pass that cost on to those of us who have insurance through increased premiums.  It is estimated by insurance companies that 25% of the people who are driving do not have insurance.  Car license plates/renewal should be withheld from those who cannot offer proof of car insurance. 


Provide full deductibility for medical expenses:

***We believe that medical expenses should be fully deductible for those who must pay for their own medical care.

Montana tax code presently provides a tax deduction for long term health care and medical insurance, but not for the medical expenses until they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income.  This provision discriminates against those who cannot afford insurance. 


Adhere to penalties for those who provide drugs and pornography to children:

***We believe that law enforcement officers should be given time and resources to protect our children and that penalties should be strictly administered by the court system.

People who endanger children must be held accountable for their actions. 


Strong families, good jobs and individual responsibility will help solve our budget problems.  Strong responsible families with good jobs provide for their children and take care of their parents relieving the rest of us of that responsibility.  We support traditional Montana family values with a marriage defined as a union between one man and one woman.