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Keeping Our Promises Developing The Future


Montana can get additional revenue either from growing the economy or raising taxes.  We favor growing the economy.  We don’t think we need additional taxes.  We favor local taxes which are voted on and paid by the local people.  There is much mo0re accountability.


Growing the economy

*** The top priority has to be to grow the economy because providing for a better Montana cannot be achieved by taxing Montana’s low paid workers.  The economy is responding to an improved tax climate and regulatory environment, but more needs to be done.


Montana added 5,100 jobs in the past year, with the growth driven mostly by increases in mining, oil and gas, health care and manufacturing according to the State Department of Labor.  Job growth has been at least 1% every month this year.  Montana’s unemployment rate in August was 3.9%, the third lowest for the month since 1973.  Montana’s economy has stabilized and is expanding.


Achieving new economic development

***Expanding economic opportunities and transferring our technology is the key to good paying jobs and a higher standard of living for all.

We need to continue diversification of our economy and capitalize on our natural resources.  We must reform the judicial system and environmental laws.  You can help by electing judges who stick to the constitution and follow the laws.


Managing the state and national forests

***We manage our school trust lands better than the National forest is managed, but we can do much better.


Healthy forests can provide economic stimulus, recreation opportunity and habitat for our abundant wildlife population.  Our policies and programs promote multiple uses of our lands and our success can influence the Federal Government in their management practices.



Upgrading Highway 93: our economic corridor

***Upgrading of Highway 93 that was initiated in past sessions by NW Montana legislators and Republican governors must continue to be a high priority until completed.


Protecting farming & ranching

***Farming & ranching provides an economic base for NW Montana and efforts to protect irrigation water must be continued.